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Share your feelings with new friends anonymously

Ring Ring Ring

💕 your love alarm 💕

Love Alarm “rings” every time someone within a 10-meter radius “likes” you;
Likewise, you could tell your crush by ringing her/his love alarm.

Bum Story

View and share stories that will disappear after 24 hours with the users within 500 steps right now from right where you are.
Feel free to like the stories or leave comments under their videos to interact with other users through BumBum.

Be bold to share anything you want

Don’t be hesitate to share anything you want with “Anonymous Mode” on BumBum! Videos you share will disappear after 24 hours and they won’t appear on your profile. 🤫

Find out nearby Bummers

One of the special features of BumBum is to discover nearby users within 500 steps from where you are!
Check out who is around you and get to know them better by clicking into their profiles to view the stories they recently post! This is a chance to make new friends and take the connection further!

chat with your friends

Share your thoughts and ask questions to your contacts or other users ANONYMOUSLY 👻👻👻

Let's begin to BumBum